As we said earlier, our in-depth analysis and research on new video games, gaming products & services and innovations distinguishes our firm from every other gaming consultancy team.

The team possesses cutting edge expertise in each of the consulting areas mentioned below. This way we can maximize each of our client’s success.

All  of our team-members have at least several decades of gaming knowledge, expertise and  acumen. The team is always eager to share with the outside world, some of their amazing innovations and discoveries that were embedded within the team.


Our consultancy firm provides executive coaching specific to assist mangement teams and founders find their right way to steer their studio/company, feel greater satisfaction of their output and therefore deliver the results that their shareholders expect:

  • Helping them identify core values and goals;
  • Giving them access to their hidden beliefs, thoughts and experiences that hold them back;
  • Partnering with them to make the future they want a reality;
  • Find new ways to align and work effectively with key stakeholders;

RTB Game Consultancy provides focus, energy provocative inquiry to every coaching interaction so that clients gain insight into how their attitudes and actions shape their results.

Consider the hidden costs of not being aligned! How much rework, false starts, direction changes and iterations can your (company)budget allow for? With ever increasing development and marketing costs you cannot afford for your key stakeholders and team members to be misaligned.

Sometimes it takes a little outside help to get everyone on the same page and executing like the true high performers you know they can be. Product and Team Alignment Facilitation will help you take your performance and results to the next level.


Our consultancy firm primarily focuses on the entertainment sector, with  an emphasis on the gaming industry.

To be successful, growing companies need  to focus on six key functions:

  1. Growth management
  2. Infrastructure  development
  3. Marketing
  4. Positioning
  5. Comprehensive strategy and
  6. Forecasting

We believe games will be the fastest growing sector for this emerging technology, driven by early adoption by tech savvy users hungry for innovation. Games will drive market penetration of virtual reality technology into the mainstream, later offering a broader range of experiences.

When creating a list of tactics, you need to make sure they provide the greatest return on investment. You want tactics that cost less in terms of time, resources and money while returning the biggest yield in support of your goal.

You need to take advantage of opportunities and utilize company resources efficiently. Strategic plans are designed to move your business forward in a manner that results in the greatest productivity and effectiveness.

That being said, we are fully ready to help in all diverse manners to ensure we put ourselves on the frontline to deliver the best at all times.

User Acquisition

User acquisition, or UA, is the process through which new users or customers are acquired for a game business through marketing-driven activity. Successful user acquisition is extremely reliant on continuous data-driven optimization. It is especially driven by ongoing testing and re-adjustment of campaigns with time.

As a team that puts the interest of the clients at heart, we  have set out prioritizing which networks, agencies and platforms to work with  in a bid to offer seemingly endless solutions offering unique services that  will give our clients satisfaction.

We have created a well detailed strategy that is efficiently  designed around capturing several target audiences with a convincing pitch to  use our services which is usually achieved by advertising campaigns among  many other tactics.

Putting into play widely adopted user acquisition solutions that  mobile game marketers should focus on.

Let’s build something together.

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