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Our firms mission statement is to consult shareholders, founders, management teams and game development teams to create AAA+ video games and with that achieve outstanding business results within the gaming industry.

In a society where gaming is taking over, it is very essential to have an experienced team of gaming consultants saddled with the responsibility of placing focus on delivering high quality, ultra-modern games and product-management solutions that essentially drive healthy KPIs, from design to retention, and from monetization to making things go viral.

At RTB Game Consultancy we are a fully dedicated game consultants firm that pride ourselves with making sure we incorporate solutions to trending issues that gaming developers face in today’s world. We see ourselves as solution providers to these lingering issues.

As gaming consultants we assist with important topics like corporate strategy, but also assist with scalability of your game portfolio and engagement of your gamer community. Next to that we are hands on with business development , fundraising, M&A and user acquisition, basicly everything that game studios have to deal with on a 24/7 basis.

Our in-depth analysis and research on new games, products, services and innovations distinguishes us from every other game consultancy team.

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Tencent and Huawei partner for cloud games platform.

In Episode 15, I am interviewing Doki Tops of Utomik. It is about Cloud Gaming, Streaming and much more. Interesting to see this news pop up just before Sunday’s episode

Chinese tech and entertainment giant Tencent has teamed up with Huawei to build a cloud games service.

As reported by Reuters, the two Chinese companies are collaborating and creating a “co-innovation lab.” The platform is to be called GameMatrix and will be powered by Huawei’s Kunpeng processor. The duo will also be looking into AI and augmented reality technologies, too.

This is the third cloud games initiative that Tencent is involved in. Back in February 2019, the firm announced it was partnering with CPU giant Intel for the Instant Play streaming service. Intel said that cloud tech would “expand what games can be made and how many people are playing them“.

The following month, Tencent rolled out a test for another streaming platform called Start. The company has also collaborated with peripherals maker Razer to create cloud games standards.

Tencent has also said it is on the hunt for partners in South East Asia to use its cloud tech, saying that it was hoping to capitalise on the success it has already had.

This story first appeared on PCGamesInsider.biz.

What will Covid-19 Corona Virus do with the Games Industry 2020-2022?

In this episode 14, I am asking a few questions besides my take on what might happen in the games industry! I am inviting you to come and brainstorm about what this Corona crisis might bring us in the months to come. Let other people know, that I am trying to get something going here, where we, as a gaming industry, compare notes/thoughts/ideas. What can we expect from ourselves, the consumer and more. Check the question below and give me your input in the comments.

1. Are we going to see more revenues in second part of 2020;

2. Or will this decline when people have to get back at work;

3. Will the consumer get fincialy hit by the Corona Virus and will this have an effect on gaming revenues;

4. Big esports companies are seeing digital revenues going up, but event and merchandise revenues going down;

5. Were these esports companies more dependable on offline revenues then online revenues;

6. If we all think people will have less to spend then the following questions;

6.1; Are you launching massively all together in second half year 2020;

6.2; Are the CPI’s going to be too high then;

6.3; Are the lifetime revenues being surpressed by financial difficulties of gaming audience;

6.4; Will people stick to their old love instead of trying another game;

7. Just a thoughts; end of 2020 entrance tickets for esports events will be too expensive!

How the IGDA is helping game developers deal with crisis

When the Game Developers Conference (GDC) canceled because of the coronavirus, it was a disaster for small indie game developers. That’s why the International Game Developers Association stepped in to help.

Then the Entertainment Software Association had to cancel another big trade event, E3, and things really got tough for indies.

“The IGDA is taking a lot of steps to make sure that developers are supported even with the effects of the Covid-19 virus,” said Renee Gittins, executive director of the IGDA, in an interview with GamesBeat. “One of the things that we are launching is an IGDA showcase to highlight upcoming games from IGDA members, to hopefully help diminish the effects of GDC’s postponement and E3’s cancellation.”

She also said that the IGDA is partnering with Take This, which provides mental health support for the game industry, to develop new materials and standards of support and professionalism, especially targeted towards leadership and management. (Gittins will be a speaker at our GamesBeat Summit Digital event on April 28 and April 29).

“We’re about to publish HR policy guidelines that provide a basic rundown of all HR policies that a new company should have,” Gittins said. “The idea is to ensure that companies are started from the beginning with an idea of how to create a supportive culture and how to prepare for all of the little intricacies and unexpected issues that you might run into when running a game studio.”

Read on here!

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Episode 12; Jacob and Teddy explain Nordic Game, New item (Cris) Reed thinks is about esports and latest game news

In this episode 12 I have Jacob Riis and Teddy Florea. Jacob is the organiser, CCO, and Host, Nordic Game Conference + Nordic Game Discovery Contest at Nordic Game Resources AB. Teddy is Director of Business Development at Nordic Game Resources AB. They explain me everything you need to know about Nordic Game. Fun interview it was.

Finaly it is here! Cris Reed made his first esports item, which is a weekly item; Reed Thinks! Cris is a Esports Tech Startup Advisor, investor, Content Creator and watch his Level Up Experience on Linkedin, great interviews!

And of course, the latest game news from PocketGamer.bizGamesIndustry.biz and Gamesbeat.com.If you have some time, listen to my other episodes on PodcastGameConsultant.com.

Episode 11 Interview with Oscar Clark, Former Evangelist for Papaya Mobile, Applifier and Unity Technologies

I did interview Oscar Clark, who didnt want to tell me his age! In a way he did, listen to our promo of Episode 11; Listen here to PodcastGameconsultant.com

The whole interview you can listen here. It was a magical an hour. I just couldnt stop him and that is the format! Get industry people to talk, explain, share their vision, war stories, the do’s & don’t’s and more. Click on the link; https://anchor.fm/gameconsultant/episodes/Episode-11-Interview-with-Oscar-Clark–Former-Evangelist-for-Papaya-Mobile–Applifier-and-Unity-Technologies-eblv3d

OR, listen here; Listen here to PodcastGameconsultant.com

So some topics that we touched;

  • Who is Oscar and what is he doing?
  • He is mentioning a new company, but cannot reveal yet the details, but something he is!
  • Which events should we attend?
  • Why did Finland take a leading role?
  • How is Oscar looking at the user acquisition battle out there?
  • What advise can he give to young people that want to get started in games?
  • and more!

Some background of Oscar? Sure!

Oscar Clark is consultant specializing in project-based Executive Production. A pioneer in social games services since 1998, he was Vision Lead for British Telecom’s Wireplay, one of the first online games communities, Global Lead for Digital Games at Hutchison Whampoa (3UK) and Home Architect for PlayStation®Home. He has an obsession with understanding the juxtaposition of game design, monetisation and social engagement and how to apply that to give games projects the best chance in the market whether that is PC, Console, or Online but particularly on Mobile.

His ability to digest and communicate led to him becoming an Evangelist for Papaya Mobile, Applifier and Unity Technologies; and he has become one of the most connected people in games. As a consultant he looks at game design, monetization, business modelling, and social design. His first book, “Games As A Service – How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games” was published by Focal Press and he is a contributing author for the “Mobile Developer’s Guide To The Galaxy” published by http://www.enough.de. Oscar is also a mentor for GameFounders and an ambassador for the gamer’s charity SpecialEffect (https://www.specialeffect.org.uk/).

I hope you like the interview and if you like to share it with your gaming friends, then I would appreciate it so much!! AND; listen to more episodes of PodcastGameConsultant.com.

Episode 10 with interviews Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat and Odile Limpach

First interview is with Professor Odile Limpach teaches economics and entrepreneurship at the Cologne Game Lab. Second interview is with Dean Takahashi, who is the lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat.

Besides the news of https://www.pocketgamer.biz/https://www.gamesindustry.biz/ and https://venturebeat.com/category/games/, also attention to “Xsolla Launches Game Developers Carnival, a Virtual Industry Event to Benefit GDC Postponement” of Justin Berenbaum

Chris Reed will do an esports item every episode as per next week. He is doing a quick intro.

First interview is with Professor Odile Limpach teaches economics and entrepreneurship at the Cologne Game Lab, TH Köln Technical University of Cologne. She is also co-founder of the Acceleration Program SpielFabrique 360° and works as a Strategic Consultant for games and serious game projects. She wrote the book; “The publishing Challenge for independent videogame developers”.

Oder the book here; https://www.crcpress.com/The-Publishing-Challenge-for-Independent-Video-game-Developers-A-Practical/Limpach/p/book/9780367416720 (20% Discount Available – enter the code SCI20 at checkout)

Second interview is with Dean Takahashi, who is the lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat. He has been a tech journalist for more than 28 years, and he has covered games for 21 years. He has been at VentureBeat since 2008. Prior to that, he wrote for the San Jose Mercury News, the Red Herring, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and the Dallas Times-Herald. He is the author of two books, “Opening the Xbox” and “The Xbox 360 Uncloaked.” He organizes the annual GamesBeat and GamesBeat Summit conferences. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Listen the other episodes on PodcastGameConsultant.com.

Episode 9; Special Podcast about the risks of Game Conferences and should we go online with these conferences

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Episode 9; Special Podcast about the risks of Game Conferences and should we go online with these conferences; Episode 9 Game Industry is cancelling on all the gaming conferences.

I spoke with Michael Liebe (https://lnkd.in/dUj5hD8), who is organizing GamesWeekBerlin (https://lnkd.in/drEr-3J).

He reached out and we discussed the topic of game conferences these days and the corona virus. How is it to be in his position? How is the gaming industry responding? What are other options, online conferences, VR and much more.

– Who is Michael, introduce yourself
– You organize GamesWeekBerlin, tell something more about it – Current status; Corona Corona, what is your take?
– What do you think of online conferences, they pop up a lot these days
– Main topic; financial risks of event organizers versus health, is it a hype?

Other episodes of my podcast you can find here; PodcastGameConsultant.com.

Promo Episode 8 Game Consultant, the weekly games industry podcast

Promo Episode 8 Game Consultant, the weekly games industry podcast

Published on: March 05, 2020 at 11:17 AM

In Episode 8 of Game Consultant some very interesting topics, besides the lastest game news.

Epic cancels Unreal Fest Europe

Following its withdrawal from GDC 2020, engine provider scraps its own event due to “uncertainty around health concerns and travel”

GamesFirst London 2020 and Google I/O cancelled

Organizers pull plug on events citing novel coronavirus concerns

Tilting Point buys Star Trek Timelines from Disruptor Beam

Key team members will join Tilting Point to operate Timelines as Wicked Realms Games

Zynga faces class action lawsuit over data breach

Plaintiffs warn that millions of users, including minors, will be at risk of fraud and identity theft “for years to come”

Phoenix Games has acquired live-ops specialist Studio Firefly for an undisclosed sum.

Topics Episode 8;

Margaret of Games for Change Accelerator is explaining what this Accelerator is doing, what are they looking for and how they operate 

Carlos did dive into Latin America for us. Which gaming companies, IP’s, demographics and much more 

Mark gave me insights in Lightneer, a mobile games studio from Helsinki, Finland Tejas of Games2Win, a game studio from India, is sharing some highlights

And many other items, so keep an eye open for this episode this upcoming Sunday. Lastly thank you for sending me updates, item suggestions and other relevant information. Listen for more episodes; Podcast Game Consultant.

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